The film following world has been rather skeptical of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which casts Jay Baruchel as the role Mickey Mouse made famous, and Nicolas Cage as the sorcerer. It's one thing if they were returning to the Goethe original (though to be fair, it doesn't differ much from the version laid out in Fantasia), but they're really just trying to go Pirates of the Caribbean with an animated short ... which might have been okay if it had been Night on Bald Mountain, which drew its inspiration from Gogol's terrifying story St. John's Eve.

But I digress. Because the point of the post is to introduce you to Nicolas Cage as the sorcerer, who is apparently ripping his look off Hugh Jackman's Gabriel Van Helsing. All that's missing is Kate Beckinsale, a crossbow, and a conditioning treatment to better copy Jackman's flowing locks. Once he gets those, my attraction to Jackman's fedora will be quenched.

The pictures come by way of JustJared, who has a series of Cage flaunting his new look while filming in a New York subway. (Magicians -- they take public transport like the rest of us!) In addition to those, Celebrity-Gossip also has some of Teresa Palmer. The only thing that has me curious about this movie is how Baruchel ends up as his apprentice. Because if I was approached by a "magician" who looked like that, I'd run screaming the other way. Check out a few images below ...

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