Some of the best moments on the big screen comes from something we'd never expect, but find irresistible -- the sort of occurrences where it seems like someone fed you into a computer and came out with the perfect and inevitable piece of awesome that would appeal. And now I'm wondering if that could be Paul Rudd morphing into Eric Roberts.

I've liked both men for a while -- Roberts being my first big Hollywood crush, and Rudd being my dancing King. But the two never met with any common ground in my mind. Nevertheless, the new rumor hitting the mill is that the two might play the same character in the upcoming Allen Ginsberg obscenity trail film, Howl. According to Bad Taste, a source inside the production has confirmed that Roberts is in negotiations to play Luther Nichols in the film -- the man that Paul Rudd is currently playing. This is either a mix-up in who is negotiating, or who is playing who. I can't see a modern film paying two actors to do the same role when there's lots of age makeup around.

But the idea ... I like it. The young, upbeat cherubic quality to Rudd balanced with the aged sneer of Roberts. It would definitely be an interesting way to tackle a character -- not Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan unique, but close enough.
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