If you've been to Philadelphia you've probably seen the mosiacs and murals of artist Isaiah Zagar. (Or your hometown may have a few ripoffs -- mine does!) He's now the subject of a documentary titled In a Dream, which also happens to be the directorial debut of his son, Jeremiah Zagar. The documentary chronicles Isaiah's work as the artist suffers a personal breakdown, and the implosion of his marriage and family life. From the trailer, it looks like something we can all relate to, yet feels a bit alien at the same time -- the Zagars clearly experience life and emotion on an almost operatic level.

Scott Weinberg (and Philly native) saw it at SXSW premiere, where it won the Emerging Visions Audience Award. While press releases call it "harrowing", Scott thought it was "a portrait of a sweet but slightly fractured man, it's one of the most unexpectedly touching documentaries I've ever seen." It's now getting a theatrical release in New York, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles, with more cities and dates to be announced. Check out the documentary's official website and blog to find out when and where it'll be playing. As you wait for it appear in your city, you can view the trailer below: