We here at Cinematical have been big fans of Neil Marshall since we discovered the scrappy-yet-slick charms of his Dog Soldiers. And then came The Descent, which most people think is horror brilliance supreme (I sure do), and that one was followed by the "Romero meets Carpenter" action stew Doomsday. So what is Mr. Marshall cooking up next? Our own Jessie Barnes gave us a quick pic from Centurion a few weeks back, but now (thanks to Rotten Tomatoes UK), we have 90-some seconds of footage from the UK / Scotland shoot.

The old-style swords 'n' armor action epic (written by Marshall) ponders what might have happened to the legendary "9th Legion," which was widely regarded as the ass-kickenest bunch in the whole of the Roman Empire before they fell off the face of the Earth. Bankrolled by Cloud Nine and Celador, the film hasn't snagged a U.S. distributor yet, but they can probably worry about that when the movie is finished. Thanks again to RT for doling out this video clip. If you'd like to hear just a bit about Centurion from Marshall and his stars Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko, then you don't need to go very far.

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