While he might have gotten nailed on Nailed, David O. Russell is going with a whole different company for his next feature, one that should make for less money-woed filmmaking. Variety reports that the wonderfully manic Russell is teaming up with the Weinsteins to bring Matthew Quick's The Silver Linings Playbook to the big screen -- as both writer and director.

If ever there was a project to attach him to, this would be it. The book focuses on a former high school history teacher named Pat Peoples who has been sent to his mother's after four years in a mental institution. He thinks he's been gone only a few months, and attempts to get his wife back by trying to become the man she always wanted. In the midst of all this, he makes friends with a mentally unstable woman, one who silently trails him during his daily run. I can already see the scene -- a sped up version of the existential and nihilistic detectives following Markovski in Huckabees, and that's enough to fill me with eager impatience.

This is just the sort of quirk Russell excells at, and it should prove to be a more interesting partnership and cinematic outing than the last Weinstein/Russell project, Flirting with Disaster. And better yet, since there probably won't be any money woes, the director's mind will be free to worry about other things. Like oh, his actors, which can inspired him to pitch another wonderful sh*t fit for all to see!
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