No surprises in the top spot: Monsters vs. Aliens handily took the weekend, its $58 million gross comparing favorably with previous Dreamworks Animation openings -- especially considering that it opened in March. The only Dreamworks films to open stronger bowed over the summer or during the holiday rush, and Monsters vs. Aliens had the third highest spring opening ever. It has no new family-oriented competition next week, so it should hold up pretty well at least until Hannah Montana comes along on April 10th.

I'm also pretty impressed with the $23 million second-place start for the non-event that is The Haunting in Connecticut -- those who've seen it know that it's a low-key, mournful little horror film that barely even merits the "horror" badge. It's the year's second-best start for a horror offering, and it should hold up better than Friday the 13th, which holds the title. Everyone be impressed with Lionsgate's ability to launch a horror flick.

Also, everyone point and laugh at Fox, which vomited the John Cena/Renny Harlin collaboration 12 Rounds onto 2,300 screens and has $5.3 million to show for it. That's about $2 million below 2006's Cena vehicle, The Marine. WWE Films has yet to have even a moderate hit without The Rock in it, and The Rock -- excuse me, Dwayne Johnson -- has long gone his own way.

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