So if you've spent more than three or four nights at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse theater (Ritz or South Lamar, take your pick), then you're already somewhat familiar with the movie mania that pours out of the place(s). Well, a good deal of that geekery comes from on high, starting with Head Alamofo Tim League and leading directly to his lunatic lieutenants Lars Nilsen and Zack Carlson.

Aside from being ridiculously nice guys who love really weird things like Ball Rooms and Doris Wishman movies, Zack and Lars can often combine, not unlike the Wonder Twins, and create the biggest movie geek you've ever seen. All the pre-show Alamo stuff? These guys. All the wacky trivia shows, cult-favorite guest appearances, and sleazoid extravaganzas? Zack and Lars. Hell, they even have days of the week to call their own: Terror Tuesdays are all Zack's and Weird Wednesdays are Nilsen's domain. Yes, this is how I talk about all my friends. Especially when they concoct something like Cinemapocalypse! A whole bunch of old-school, sticky-floor, grindhouse-level C-grade movies hand-picked by Zack and Lars, and soon to be touring all across the left-hand side of the nation.

A flick through the event's official blog indicates that there'll be no shortage of sweaty cinema to sift through -- but of course I'll name my favorites: Oooh, a double feature of Vice Squad and Tourist Trap. Bring it on. Bill Lustig's Vigilante, followed by the outrageous Raw Force and the undeniably awesome Escape from New York? Dear lord, that's fun. Chained Heat, Gator Bait, AND The Return of the Alien's Deadly Spawn? Ugh, now that's just unfair. For a whole lot more on this event, the flicks at hand, the venues to invade, please do point your browser on the Cinemapocalypse blog and tell 'em Weinberg sent you. (I get slightly discounted sodas if you tell 'em I sent you.)
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