For better or for worse, we all know that Twilight fans are a crafty bunch, and frankly it is not like there aren't a million pictures of Edward Cullen floating around the hard-drives of the series' devoted followers, so it shouldn't be that surprising that fans are already hard at work making one-sheets for the upcoming sequel to Twilight, New Moon. Over at Popsugar, two new posters for the sequel have emerged, and while Cinematical has already confirmed with Summit that these are fake, an almost-shirtless Robert Pattinson is bound to get some attention either way. Not to mention that at least these two posters are more convincing than some of the other photoshop jobs out there.

The first official teaser poster was revealed during ShoWest, and, well, other than the fact that it looks identical to the banner art we saw back in February, there is really nothing to say. I mean, how can curlicue fonts compete with shirtless glowering? New Moon will pick up with our star-crossed lovers where they left off, and the addition of the new werewolf pack and the badass Volturi means that Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg will have plenty of material to work with. One thing is for sure, I hope Summit has something a little more exciting up their sleeve than what they have shown us so far, because right now it looks like fans are doing a better job of promoting this movie than they are.

Why should we care about fan-made posters? Well, why shouldn't we? After all, the only reason Twilight made it to movie screens in the first place was because of the book's die-hard fans. So while trying to get the final word on anything Twilight is no easy task (what with speculation, rumor, and blatant lies), there is plenty of time to kill before New Moon hits theaters on November 20th, so why not have a little fun first? Check out the two fan-made posters below.