This falls under the category of Things That Surprise Us, But Then Again, No They Don't, Really. (We're still working on the name for that category.) As brought to our attention by GreenCine Daily, someone has posted an ad on Craigslist offering to buy a positive quote from a film critic to use in promotional materials. The ad, in its entirety:


We just finished a film and need to buy a one sentence quote from someone who calls himself a film critic. Thanks.

I note, first of all, that you don't even have to be an actual film critic -- you only have to call yourself one. That opens the door pretty wide, doesn't it? If you need a few bucks to cover rent this month, you might consider selling a sentence to these filmmakers.

What's funny is that this is entirely unnecessary. There are plenty of people who will love (or at least claim to love) any movie, no matter what, as long as it gets them quoted in the ads -- and they'll do it for free! They're called quote whores. Everyone knows about them. Earl Dittman is a famous one, delighted by nearly every film he sees. There's a whole industry now just in following the quote whores and drawing attention to their easy-to-please natures.

Which leads to this question: Whatever this film is, maybe it's so bad that even the quote whores won't praise it? Is such a thing even possible? Did Larry King not like it, either? He can usually be counted on for a quote, if no actual movie critics are accommodating.

I'm guessing the filmmakers, whoever they are, haven't shown it to anyone yet and don't realize how the game is played. But do they really think they'll have to BUY a quote? Are they THAT convinced that no one would praise their film willingly? Yikes.
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