This is what I know for sure: that two or more screenwriters got together and wrote a screenplay so ... touchy that their respective agencies refused to send out, and as such, they've made this hilariously irreverent project available on the interwebs for any and all to gawk at and gasp over.

As a matter of time and priorities, I rarely read or go looking for scripts, but with yesterday being a Sunday and all, I was blessed with an hour or two to spare and this entering my periphery. And guess what? I don't want to see this made into a movie. It simply wouldn't do. Hollywood is incapable of serving up huevos like this to people like us -- at best, they'll be undercooked.

Not to oversell it, but the careers nay, lives of all involved (audience included) would peak after it was made and seen. We don't deserve this. God doesn't deserve this. But there it is. Enjoy.
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