What has always impressed me with actors is not when they take on a challenging role, but when they can put their entire personal life aside for their work, whether that be playing the loved one of a foe, finishing up a film just after a traumatic tragedy (like Liam Neeson finishing Chloe), or getting romcomish with an ex. That last one is just what Drew Barrymore is going to do, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Barrymore has signed on to star with ex-beau Justin Long in New Line's latest romcom, Going the Distance. American Teen helmer Nanette Burstein is directing newcomer Geoff LaTulippe's script, which follows the challenges of a long-distance relationship; Barrymore will play a woman who moves to Chicago to be a middle-school teacher, and Long will play a script reader -- one, I presume, who resides wherever the woman is moving from.

It's a bit of a gift to Drew -- after she brought Long to He's Just Not That Into You, he brought her attention to this project. The pair have obviously come out of their relationship as friends, what with all the gig-sharing, but revisiting romance -- that's an entirely separate matter. How do you tap into feelings of love and attraction with your ex without stirring up the past? Or maybe this is just the precursor to Drew and Justin, 2.0.
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