Message in a Bottle didn't do it, but The Notebook sent Hollywood into a Nicholas Sparks frenzy. For the most part, it's been adaptations of his novels, like that Nights in Rodanthe and the upcoming Dear John. But last September, word hit that Disney was cooking up a different type of project -- Sparks was going to switch his write the novel and sell it approach by doing a tandem project -- writing a special screenplay for Miley Cyrus while also cooking up a new novel. At the time, all details were under wraps, but now the veil is being lifted.

Variety reports that the film will be called The Last Song, and Julie Anne Robinson will make her feature directorial debut with the project. (She's previously directed episodes for shows like Weeds and Pushing Daisies.) I can't help but wonder if Sparks found his inspiration in Miley, because the young actress and singer will play "a rebellious teenager sent to spend the summer with her estranged father."

Of course, this is already being touted as Cyrus' stepping stone to be taken seriously as an actress, but if this reflects her cell phone shenanigans at all, it could easily become a project that sadly mimics adolescence rather than moving beyond it. At some point, they've got to realize that the best way to be taken seriously as an actress, or to be seen as a grown up is to, well, act mature!

But now this feature needs a dad. Will the "Achey Breaky" one do?
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