The digital ink on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot isn't even dry yet, but nevermind the furthermore: Variety reports they're already accelerating from impulse power to warp speed on a sequel. The writing duo of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be back, this time with producer Damon Lindelof joining in on writing duties. What was it they said about three cooks spoiling the soup? Anyhow, Lindelof is megaenthusiastic for the project, saying "We're so excited about the first one that we wanted to proceed." Let's hope he doesn't bring the Black Smoke from Lost into the world of Trek.

If the first movie tanks in April (which could happen, Trekkies can be fickle folks), then the skids will be put on this sequel faster than all those ambitious plans that Cloverfield had back in the day. Remember? It was going to be a prequel, a sequel, and a breakfast cereal. What happened to all that jazz? Still, they're aiming to have a sequel in theaters by 2011, so you could see a new Trek franchise film every two years. No word on whether we'll get to see mirror universe versions of Spock or Kirk ... and I've just outed myself as a Trek geek.

Taking into account the fact that we haven't seen the new film yet, what sort of instructions would you give for sequels moving forward?
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