Dreamworks managed to pull in the biggest opening weekend of the year with their animated science fiction comedy Monsters vs. Aliens. Hardcore horror fans may not care for PG-13 rated scare flicks, but based on The Haunting in Connecticut's respectable second place showing, the general public doesn't seem to mind. 12 Rounds, the action flick starring wrestler turned actor John Cena, came in seventh with $5.3 million. Here's the top five:

1. Monsters Vs. Aliens: $59.3 million
2. The Haunting in Connecticut: $23 million
3. Knowing: $14.7 million
4. I Love You, Man: $12.6 million
5. Duplicity: $7.7 million

Two new releases this week pitting laughs against thrills:

What's It All About:
An uptight college graduate learns that his parents have decided not to pay for his trip to Europe after all, and so he must take a summer job in a run down amusement park.
Why It Might Do Well: If the 90% fresh rating at Rottentomatoes.com isn't enough, director Greg Mottola was also behind Superbad, which had a $33 million opening weekend and $121 million domestic total.
Why It Might Not Do Well: For the sheer number of screens, Fast and Furious has a distinct advantage.
Number of Theaters:
$12 million

Fast and Furious
What's It All About:
Once again Vin Diesel is getting quick and cranky as he returns to the franchise he helped launch with 2001's The Fast and the Furious.
Why It Might Do Well: The original film had a $40 million opening weekend and $144 million domestic gross.
Why It Might Not Do Well:
As of this writing Rottentomatoes.com is listing only nine reviews, but they combine to give this film 0%. Yikes!
Number of Theaters:
Prediction: $44 million