Let's face it -- whether we like it or not, almost every beloved film from our past is going to get, at the very least, an attempt to morph it into a musical, whether that be on stage or screen. Heathers. Footloose. Hairspray. Evil Dead. The Breakfast Club. Legally Blonde. Bubble Boy. (Hit the jump for a clip of Pushpop singing "It's an elk." No joke.) Practically every film seems to be on its way towards song and dance; if there's at least a small handful of fans who love a film, the spotlight will inevitably find it. It can be horror, comedy, or hell, even drama since we've now got a musical for The Color Purple. No genre is safe.

And the latest in this musical rush -- Groundhog Day. MTV talked with Harold Ramis recently, and he said the gossip surrounding a possible musical remake is true, and "Danny Rubin, who wrote the original script, has been working on a book for a musical." It's an idea that even Stephen Sondheim seems to have liked (according to Ramis), so who are we to judge? Although it might get annoying if they have to sing the same song every time the clock sets back...

I've ranted about musical remakes before, but I wanted to change things up this time. We can't stop them -- Hollywood loves them too much. In fact, I'm now of the mind that no matter what wild idea we can come up with, it's already been schemed up somewhere, or someone will get to it quite soon. But it can still be fun to muse.

Can you imagine Indiana Jones flicking his whip whilst singing and dancing? Chariots of Fire running right down the theater aisle and onto stage? The House of Yes channeling the Kennedys in song? A Clerksian talk about oral sex set to music?

What's the most ridiculous movie you can think of for the musical treatment?
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