It looks like David Gordon Green has added another actor to his oft-used cast list, which already boasts the likes of Danny McBride, and it's one super-sweet addition. According to Variety, James Franco is re-teaming with Green and McBride for Universal's upcoming comedy Your Highness -- the film that kicked into gear almost a year ago.

While the project might be just one Seth Rogen away from a complete Pineapple Express re-team, this idea is quite different than killer pot and killer pot dealers -- even if the title can be interpreted in a Mary Jane sort of way. Believe it or not, Your Highness will follow "two spoiled and arrogant princes" living in a fantastical medieval setting when some evil wizard comes along, steals the older prince's fiance, and puts a spell on their dad, spurring them to go out on a quest to save their family and kingdom. Oh yes, McBride and Franco as brothers, princes, and possibly, heroes.

As a fan of Franco in anything other than Spider-Man (nothing against the guy -- the character is just too annoying to enjoy), this sounds insane enough to be fun. And while it's still a bit more mainstream than the direction Green's mentality seems to sway, at least this project has some original promise.
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