Movies and television might be two separate entities, but over and over they intersect, and bad news to one is most often bad news for both. Like news from E Online that Andy Hallett has passed away after a 5-year battle with heart disease at the way-too-young age of 33. Hallett was a big part of the Joss Whedon universe, playing a bit part on Buffy, and then the much more green and recognizable Lorne on Angel.

After leaving the world of vampires, Hallett spent most of his energy on his music, but he did pop up in two films. His voice was featured in 2005's Gepetto's Secret, and his lone live-action feature was Chance -- fellow Buffy alum Amber Benson's feature film.

There was an undeniable sweetness to the actor, and I'm sure that if heart disease hadn't ended his life so soon, we'd have seen a lot more of him on the big and small screen, whether as an actor or musician. In honor of his undying charm, you can watch a brief clip of Chance below, where he talks with (yet another Buffy alum...) James Marsters.

Andy, you're already missed.