If you're a fan of movie collectibles, you've seen a lot of action figures come and go. Some are very good, others are all right, and most are downright hideous. Sometimes it seems that the more expensive a figure, the worse it looks -- or the company will produce a single, awesome prototype for the photo, but the real thing is a blobby, unrecognizable mess when you see it at a ComicCon. Collectors have seen it all.

I've never seen anything like this. This is an upcoming Joker figure from Hot Toys, the debut figure of their Movie Masterpiece Deluxe line. Wow. This is the coolest action figure I have ever seen. The sculpt is impeccable, the eyes are real, he's fully articulated, the clothes fit, and the amount of props it comes with boggle the mind -- and this is all in one set.

It seems too good to be true, and maybe it is. Let's not think like that though. Right now, you should just admire it quietly, and wonder how much it will cost. (Hot Toys' website is mum, and there's no official release date yet, though it's supposed to be on sale "early 2009.") I can't wait to see what else Hot Toys produces from this line ... the possibilities are really endless. Can you imagine if they made a Batman to match?

[via RyanRotten]
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