"Man, this is gonna tick off the devil."

There are movie trailers, there are epic movie trailers ... and then there's this new trailer for a movie called C Me Dance, which is brought to us by the folks behind Praise Band: The Movie. Yes, like Kirk Cameron's box office champ Fireproof, C Me Dance is another one of those Christian-themed blockbusters -- and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that -- except, well, you go ahead and try to explain what the hell (no pun intended) is going on in this flick. There's a pretty girl and she just wants to dance, but then the Devil shows up and fights this girl's overweight father out in front of the house. What in God's name is ... wait, let me stop there.

C Me Dance will apparently arrive in theaters this Friday in 14 states, and if it's not playing in your area then you can fill out a form to make sure it does. Oh, and this isn't an April Fool's joke either; C Me Dance has an official websiteand an IMDb page ... so there! 4 out of 5 Doves! And check out this marketing note from the website: "This movie is a chick flick with a manifested devil. This will attract a wide demo of men and women." Why, because women like the chick flick stuff and guys are the devil? I'm all for feel-good movies, except when the "good" is removed, thrown at a wall, burned and buried so no one can ever find it. But maybe I'm being a little too harsh -- check out the trailer below and see if you can figure out what's going on.

C Me Dance hits theaters on April 3rd.

[Thanks Patricia!]