It may be a whopping two years since Nicole Kidman signed on, but now it looks like the big-screen adaptation of Rabbit Hole is kicking back into gear -- and believe it or not, she's still involved! No backing out for Kidman, at least, not yet. Production Weekly's Twitter feed reports that Aaron Eckhart will fall into the Hole with Kidman, and that John Cameron Mitchell will direct. Yes, that's Mr. Shortbus.

As Erik explained a few years ago, this is one heck of a tear-jerker project. Think Lovely Bones without the heavenly aspect. David Lindsay-Abaire's play focuses on a couple who lose their four-year-old child in a car accident and try to cope with the loss. Along the way, family members try to help them through their pain, which gets complicated when the driver who killed their son seeks them out to get closure.

It'll be great to see Eckhart put aside his irresistible charm for a bit and deal with some heavy, heart-wrenching pain -- Two-Face without the hideous disfigurement and law breaking. But this just ... I can't imagine how this will play out -- how Eckhart and Kidman will play off each other, and just what a tear-jerking film will look like under the hands of the Hedwig/Shortbus filmmaker. Can you?
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