Prepare to divert your eyes, the first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno has debuted online ... and it's just nasty. How is it nasty? I think a better question would be how is it not nasty -- from the looks of it Baron Cohen has upped the ante considerably since taking on the Borat character back in 2006, and will use his Bruno character -- who he pretends is a gay Austrian fashion reporter -- to expose the rampant homophobia across the United States and, while he's at it, somehow manage to offend everyone else by falling, destroying, cursing and dressing up as your worst nightmare ... in heels.

The trailer itself -- which kicks off with a quote from Ain't It Cool News (take that Ben Lyons!) -- is pretty hilarious and very R-rated, so you'll need to enter in a proper birthdate and all that. Just how many lawsuits will come from this one, we do not know -- but I'm positive folks will be rolling in the aisles of their local movie theater come July 10. Remember, as of its first pass through the MPAA, Bruno was given an NC-17 -- but they'll probably shave some meat off and bring this sucker down to an R before it's all said and done.

You can watch the trailer over on MySpace, but be warned that this is definitely NSFW. (Oh, and check out the image that came with this new trailer in the gallery below.)