When Warner Bros first announced they were green-lighting an adaptation of DC/Vertigo seriesThe Losers with Sylvain White directing, it elicited only a minor flicker of interest out of me. It's a not a lost series, per say, but it's not one that a lot of people have read and enthused about.

The plotline is like any action movie you've ever seen: A Special Forces team that's betrayed by its handler, left for dead, and who regroup to seek revenge. Dubbing themselves "The Losers," they seek to remove their names off a CIA death list, and to work against a massive conspiracy involving their handler, "Max."

But now! Now it has a very respectable cast! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana are being recruited into the Special Forces. Elba will be playing Roque, the scarred second-in-command, an icy fellow who is motivated purely by money. Saldana will play Aisha, whose both a loose cannon and a cold-blooded killer who leaves a trail of corpses behind her. They'll join Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who must have enjoyed Watchmen so much that he'll do anything DC/Warner Bros related. He'll be playing Clay, the meticulous leader.

There's still a few Losers to be cast, and color me curious as to who else the script (penned by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt) can attract. Sure, it could be cartoony and crappy but I have a weird trust in Morgan, Elba and Saldana, and I think it's going to be worth following from this point on. Mea culpa, Warner Bros.
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