With the arrival of those Transformers robots earlier this morning, one can't help but be in a Michael Bay sorta mood -- the kind that has me wanting to watch the man direct even the most mundane everyday procedures ... like eating a bowl of cereal. The hilarious video below shows you exactly what a cereal commercial would like if Michael Bay brought his over-the-top machismo to the breakfast table. It's full of strong life threatening music, slo-mo shots, beautiful women and tons upon tons of heartbreak.

Honestly ... this made me want to pour myself a bowl of cornflakes. We make fun of Bay a lot, but I'd love the dude to direct more commercials for random products like toothpaste or that thing that cleans high, out of reach places. Maybe I'd pay more attention if, while a Ford truck was driving down a nice dirt road in the country, explosions were going off and aliens were dropping out of the sky with machine guns and gas masks. That would be pretty hot, don't you think?

But anyway ... what if Michael Bay directed a cereal commercial. Check it out below.