Just a year ago, Edward Furlong signed on for some uber-charming, puke-eating, Uwe Boll torture with Stoic. I guess he just can't get enough of the man, because now he's leading the next Boll feature -- also mentioned in that news piece -- Janjaweed. But he's not only signing on -- he's also bringing a Terminator with him. Varietyreports that he's going to star in the film, alongside Kristanna Loken and the bald-headed wonder Billy Zane.

The second Boll flick to get serious, if that's even possible, Janjaweed will look into the world of Sudan genocide, focusing on journalists who have to decide whether they want to stay and help the victims they see, or hit the road and report on their experiences. Like Stoic, the film has a treatment, but no script, so it'll be all improvisation.

A film dealing with the turmoil in Sudan is a good thing, but Boll taking a stab at it is just sad. Considering how he previously bragged about how much time he focused the camera on puke eating, I can't imagine this having any merit whatsoever, beyond another reason to detest the man. Yeah, he wants to enter the arthouse world, but bragging about bile just shows how ridiculous that notion is.

It saddens me that these guys are desperate enough to do "serious" Boll. Especially Zane. Can't anyone give the man something more appealing to act in?
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