One of the ongoing sentiments surrounding the leak ofX-Men Origins: Wolverinewas "Serves Fox and Tom Rothman right! Payback's a bitch!" No matter how you feel about Fox and Rothman, the leak wasn't what you should wish on anyone. Wolverine represents a lot of effort by a lot of people who aren't responsible for the sins of the Fox father.

One person who's come out swinging in defense of Rothman is the man you might least expect: Wolverine's director, Gavin Hood. The Internet has been rife with rumors of riproaring fights, intervention by Richard Donner, and reshoots. In a video interview with THR's Risky Business, Hood shot back at the rumors:

"I am very fond of Tom [Rothman]. When we're in a room debating, he's a very forceful personality, I'm a fairly forceful personality ... we didn't always agree. We certainly never yelled at each other. Some of these fan sites have really been upsetting in that way. I have never had a stand-up argument with Tom Rothman. Never, ever, and nor has Tom with me, ever, and that is a fact. It's quite upsetting to see how these things sort of spiral. Did we discuss and debate, what stylistically I was going to bring to the movie, and his expectations, and my [expectations]? Of course, of course you do that, and I hope it makes the movie better. Nobody's trying to screw up the movie. I mean, there's this stupid notion out there that Tom Rothman wants to ruin the franchise. What? That's stupid ... This is a huge thing for the studio. Of course he doesn't want to ruin the franchise. Is he going to put a gun to his own head? He has a huge amount riding on this movie, as do I. There were disagreements, but I think they were handled with dignity and sincerity."
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