It's almost official. In February, Paul Weitz was one of the names circling the second Meet the Parents sequel, Little Fockers. And now the rest of the possibilities seem to have fallen by the wayside, because Variety reports that Weitz is now in talks to direct the comedy. No Pete Segal. No Wain. No Reed. The American Pie and About a Boy man wants the Fockers, and I think he's under ill advisement.

All I can think to ask is why? It's like there's this large "why?!" bubble following this project. First it was why anyone would want to see the Focker offspring. I previously asked whether any of you wanted to see the little Fockers, and I think ICON! said it best: "Putting out a lit cigar on my balls would be more enjoyable and entertaining than ANOTHER installment of lame rehashed nipple and Focker jokes."

And now, why on Earth would Weitz want to do this? He's not some king of the critical world, but he's made some rather good films and has a roster that should earn him work better than a dreaded second sequel. Variety says that he'll jump from Fockers to Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, and I think maybe the "Suck City" part should be taken off project #2 and moved over to #1.
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