You can blame my recent Transformers post for giving me the mind of a 12-year-old boy for the day, and thinking about all the ways cars can transform. Specifically, when some badass hero decides to just forgo the gun, and attack someone with a car. It's a terrible action cliche, one so prevalent that you can spot it twenty minutes before it happens. There's hero, there's the car, there's the bad guy ... unstoppable force is about to hit a squishy, movable object! What's especially delightful is that the bad guy will defy all laws of physics and pop back up, guns blazing, suffering no more than a few gashes. (I believe this is possible only if you are hopped up on PCP.) Occasionally, a director will bow to realism and leave the person stunned for a moment, only to pop up when the hero turns away.

Though it's an overused device, there's a few moments of "Car vs Human" that have gone down into legend. I thought it would be a lot of fun to compile a "Best Of" list, before realizing that I shouldn't keep all the fun to myself, and that Best Of lists are a lot more fun if you let others in on the game. So give me your favorite scene (or two, or three ... ) where someone uses a car as a weapon, and you'll get bonus points if you include a YouTube link.

I'll start you off with The Enforcerwhich I am tempted to dub #1 simply because the bad guy actually asks for it, and because I suspect my other favorite ripped it off: