Hollywood isn't Hollywood without a competing project. We've had competing projects about asteroids, ants, and volcanoes and now? Now it's the Easter Bunny, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ignoring the fact that a lot of people don't celebrate Easter, two studios are racing to get bunny-themed projects into theaters. Sony Animation is going with Hip Hop, a mix of CGI and live-action that's being penned by Greg Ostrin and Michael Weiss. Sony's Easter Bunny gets tired of delivering eggs and chocolate with so little thanks, and decides to retire. He becomes a suburban family's pet, and turns their lives upside down. Given the title, I have to wonder if he will somehow become a "hip hop" star?

Meanwhile, Universal's shingle Illumination Entertainment has picked up I Hop as its debut live action film. Written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, this Easter flick borrows a page out of The Santa Clause (whose sequel Paul penned), where the Easter Bunny is hit by a slacker's car. Thankfully, animal death isn't as family friendly as killing Santa, so the Easter Bunny only suffers a broken leg. But he's unable to do his job, so the slacker must do it for him, and save Easter. (No egg hunts? No Cadbury chocolate? That's the collapse of civilization as we know it!)

In the meantime if you screenwriters hurry, you should get your your pre-Christian fertility cults scripts done and purchased in time for the next trend ... paganism!
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