As Jon Favreau Tweeted last week, Iron Man 2begins filming today -- and while we still don't know what storylines the new film will tackle, we do know one that it won't: Demon in a Bottle.

Robert Downey Jr. brushed off the rumors with a "Not Really" to the MTV Splash Page. "As a matter of fact, I think that's probably best saved because it's such its own storyline. We're going for the interim space [between the origin and Demon] which is more a look behind the mask of someone who says he's Iron Man and what it really is to become a superhero."

That teaches us all not to read too much into a scene that involves Tony Stark puking into a toliet. But I bet we'll still see Stark knocking back a few, especially since Don Cheadle is supposed to don the War Machine armor.

In the meantime, the man who was supposed to be War Machine is still upset. Terrence Howard sat down with Sci-Fi Wire to complain about Marvel, who he insists didn't honor the cast contracts, but that the cast should have stuck together. All those rumors of diva behavior sound a little more truthful now, even as he wishes the best for Cheadle. "Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to it. I want to see what happens with that. I want to see Don Cheadle become me. I want him to do better than me. That's what I really want to see. I think he can."