Sometimes the movie business seems like a giant game of Jenga doesn't it? Just when you think you have a solid little tower on your hands, boom! Some jerk yanks out the support beam and suddenly you're looking at a bunch of wood. But one of the hottest spec scripts in Hollywood right now has gotten one very high-profile block added to the pile. The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog is reporting that Christian Bale has unofficially "attached" himself to star alongside Mark "Say hi to your mother for me" Wahlberg in the thriller, Prisoners.

There aren't many details about Aaron Guzikowski's script, but here's the official synopsis so far: "After his 6-year-old daughter and her friend are kidnapped, a small-town carpenter butts heads with a young, brash detective in charge of the investigation. The father is a Bible-reading, deer-hunting survivalist. The cop, meanwhile, can't wait to get to the city. Feeling failed by the law, the father captures the man he believes responsible and begins to torture him in a desperate attempt to find out what he did with the girls, whom he's convinced are still alive." When Wahlberg first signed on, there was no mention of his role in the film, but I'd like to play fantasy casting director if I may and suggest Bale as the bible-thumping survivalist and Wahlberg as the cop?
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