What does it take to get a sequel these days? Nothing more than a good response to a trailer and test screenings. Though The Hangover doesn't hit theaters until June 5, the buzz has been good enough that Warner Bros has made a "multimillion dollar commitment" for Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong to make a follow-up.

According to Variety, the trailer brought the house down at ShoWest, encouraging the studio to move forward with a sequel. Phillips will return to direct it, and Warners is making deals to reunite the existing cast of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. They hope to go into production later this year.

Now, we all enjoyed the trailers (William Goss brought you the first, Peter Martin brought the second), the cast is top notch, and Phillips' past efforts have been a lot of fun. (I'll even include Starsky & Hutch in that -- I seem to remember the "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" scene at very inopportune moments.)

But it seems like the appeal of a film like The Hangover is because it's a one-shot comedy based around an absurd situation. Sort of like Phillips' Old School, which also was supposed to get the sequel treatment, though one assumes Warners managed to reunite the cast of Hangover for a much cheaper price than it would've taken to get the Old School gang back together. I haven't seen The Hangover, but going purely on on the trailer, where is a sequel going to go? More drunken debauchery which results in another lost friend, and another encounter with Mike Tyson? Might as well throw in a corpse named Bernie for good measure ...

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