Because troubled times call for overwrought figure skating dramas, and love stories are always better if they're about inner sight or whatever... so we're getting a remake of Ice Castles. In fact, it's already begun filming in Nova Scotia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Figure skater Taylor Firth has nabbed the lead, and Donald Wyre (who also helmed the original) will direct.

You remember Ice Castles -- the 1978 weeper starring Lynn-Holly Johnson and Robby Benson, about a champion figure skater who loses her sight (a favorite accident in' 70s and '80s melodrama) and has to find the will to carry on. She learns important life lessons along the way, such as "Don't be a nasty bitch to your hockey playing boyfriend or you'll go blind."

The remake will presumably follow the same story, and will also star Rob Mayes, Henry Czerny and figure skater Molly Oberstar. THR is listing "Olympic Medalist Nancy Kwan" as having a cameo, but I think they mean Michelle Kwan ... or do they mean Nancy Kerrigan? Perhaps both? Who knows.

This means it's only a matter of time before The Cutting Edge (that other "I was a bad person on and off the ice, so I went blind" movie) is remade. If they do, I hope they use my idea of a male figure skater forced to pair up with a female hockey player. It would make all the psycho chicks I played hockey with really happy, as they were always quoting "Toe pick!" in the locker room. (Because hockey skates don't have them, see, and it's really ... never mind.)

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