Watch Free Documentaries - 'Holy Watergate'Doc offers intense look at the Catholic Church scandals that caused worldwide crisis.

In last year's Oscar-nominated drama 'Doubt', a priest (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) at a 1964 Bronx school has been accused by a nun (Meryl Streep) of molesting a young student. The conflict portrayed is in many ways a precursor to the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church three decades later.

In 'Holy Watergate', director Mary Healey takes an investigative lens to the Rhode Island clergy members documented for their abuse during the 1980s and '90s, before making her way around the country to uncover more cases of harassment, cover-ups, and shocking examples of children left in harms way.

'Holy Watergate', the 2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival Award for Best Documentary, is a hard-hitting, powerful documentary that gives insight to questions that are often difficult to answer. Watch the film in full, or snag it onto your own site, from

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