I love a good movie poster. I've collected them, often paid way too much for them, and even once managed to snag one of those subway ads for Interview with a Vampire (don't ask). II know a lot of you out there couldn't care less about a new poster (it's just advertising< right?), but I also know there are plenty of you out there who are just like me, and can be found slowly meandering along a row of coming soon posters at your local theater, mouth open, day-dreaming .... mmmm. But anyway, let's start with the very good and work our way down to "the other stuff."

Where the Wild Things Are:
Damn if this new poster isn't another jaw-droppingly beautiful image; cute but with an edge. We've got the monster front and center, beautiful colors, and all of the small detail adds up to something I'd be proud to hang in my living room. Granted, most of us were probably sold on Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic as soon as that first bar of Wake Up in the trailer started, but this new poster is another cherry on what looks to be one hell of a cake. Image included in gallery below.

The Box:
Sometimes you almost feel sorry for Richard Kelly. He was supposed to be the next big thing until Southland Tales happened, and he's never heard the end of it. Things haven't gone much smoother for his 'ode to Twilight Zone' either, but hopefully the bad part is over and now we have our very first glimpse at the one-sheet. So how do you make a poster for a movie that nobody knows all that much about? Well, it turns out you make a Hitchcockian poster, because nothing says suspense like a little touch of the man himself. Personally, I like it, but if you have a thing against 'big head' posters you might feel a little differently. Image included in gallery below.