Imagine, for a second, that you're a dude who's out having a drink at the local bar when not one, but two beautiful women begin to show interest in your manly ways. Just another Monday night for me, of course, but I can see how this type of event may only occur once or twice in the average male's lifetime. So these girls are eying you up and down when all of a sudden they break out lightsabers and battle it out -- slicing clothes off one another in a fit of geeked-out hysteria. Happened to me last Tuesday, but whatever -- the point is that it'd be an extremely rare event for practically 99% of our audience (with the other one percent including myself, Brad Pitt and maybe Ralph Maccio on a good hair day).

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, check out this pretty awesome fictitious commercial (from our good pal Adam Green) for the new Saber deodorant -- which looks to be a spoof on Axe deodorant and Star Wars. Seriously, this would be an outstanding commercial ... and I'm not just saying that because I'm a dude who likes hot girls and Star Wars. Okay, I'm a dude who likes hot girls and Star Wars -- but I'm also a dude who can spot a very smart marketing campaign that knows its target audience and attacks them with hot, half-naked force. I dig it. What do you think? I'd totally use this product. You?

[via Chris Campbell's Twitter]