Iron Man 2 has been filming all of three days, and no move by the cast or crew has gone undocumented by paparazzi or Jon Favreau. But that doesn't stop the rumor machine from flying. The latest is that Commissioner Gordon has jumped the DC- Warner Bros ship to make a visit to the Marvel Universe. (That's one hell of a crossover.) is reporting that Gary Oldman was seen on set today, though no one knows if he's actually playing a role or if he was just visiting. Oldman is currently filming Book of Eli in New Mexico so if it is a role, it can't be anything much more than a cameo.

Rumors abound that he's playing Howard Stark, Tony's father, which Tim Robbins denied all connection to a few weeks ago. But IESB has also heard that John Slattery of Mad Men fame is playing the Stark patriarch, which would honestly make a lot more sense.

So, stay tuned -- between Favreau and Just Jared, nothing is staying secret on the Iron Man 2 set for very long. Then again, not even the cast is privy to some of the mysteries. According to Favreau, Garry Shandling declared: "I can't wait to see the movie to see who I actually play." If he doesn't know, then we can't pretend to!

UPDATE: Oldman's long-time manager, Douglas Urbanski (or someone claiming to be Urbanski) has left a comment below stating the following: "
I am Gary Oldman's manager. He did not visit the set for Iron Man and there are currently no plans for him to appear in the film."

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