When getting your comic series optioned for the big screen, it always helps if you're already somebody -- like Gerard Way, who you know better as the lead singer for My Chemical Romance. According to Variety, his Dark Horse series The Umbrella Academy is getting the big-screen treatment, courtesy of Universal Pictures. It will be the first film produced under that three-year production pact the studio made with Dark Horse Comics.

Mark Bomback
, the pen behind Race to Witch Mountain, has been hired to write the screenplay. The series follows seven young superheroes who were chosen for their unique abilities by Sir Reginald Hargreeves -- who also happens to be an alien disguised as a wealthy entrepreneur. They're a rather troubled bunch and disband, but then reunite after Hargreeves' death to (what else?) save the world.

The series was something of a lifelong dream for Way, who was once a struggling artist and animator, and he published the series at Dark Horse hoping that his fan following would help boost sales and awareness of the industry. I don't know if it's done that, but it seems to have been fairly popular in its run.

If you're curious, Comic Book Resources has a preview of the first issue up, and there are some additional pages up at Forbidden Planet. It's a little too Goth and conscious quirky for my tastes, but hey -- maybe it'll play better on the screen than it does on the page. Lining up a solid director would help, too. We'll see.

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