If you haven't already noticed, we're big into costumes here at Cinematical. Not only do we have a category for Fan Made items, but we also host an annual Halloween Costume Contest that's arguably one of the best costume contests ever created in the history of man. But while it's always a good time to congratulate those hard-working, talented fans out there on a job well done, sometimes it's amusing to snicker at those costumes that ... um, didn't quite live up to expectations.

That's where folks like Holy Taco come in. They've collected an assortment of really horrendous homemade Star Wars costume photos, some of which are almost too painful to even look at, let alone laugh at. And although it's obvious that a good majority of people just blindly threw something together hoping it would somehow resemble a Star Wars character, others seemed to work pretty hard on their crappy costumes. Oh well. There's always next year. Check out some of my favorite horrific homemade Star Wars costumes below, and the rest over at Holy Taco.

(And, yes, next time we promise to shine a spotlight back on the good instead of the bad ... even though the bad is often ridiculously hilarious)

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