I'm all for these Crank films --I totally think there's an audience for directors like Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, two dudes who are utterly insane and completely out of their minds. It's cool, Hollywood needs more guys like them. Go Neveldine and Taylor! Ever since the last poster forCrank 2arrived online, people have been making fun of its fairly ridiculous tagline -- so much so that a dude on Twitter snapped this photo where someone circled the tagline and tried to point out that it was indeed the worst tagline ever.

But is it? Part of me actually thinks it's one of the smarter taglines out there, simply because it helps answer the one question everyone's going to ask when they hear there's a new Crank film coming out. I can see it now: Two blokes hanging in the subway, when one turns to the other and says:

Bloke 1: Did you hear there's a new Crank movie coming out?
Bloke 2: Really? But I thought he died at the end of the first one.
Bloke 1: He did die ... but, according to the sequel's tagline, he apparently got better.
Bloke 2: Cool ... I hope there's lots of blood and naked chicks. Yeah!

Sure, it's not the greatest tagline ever, but they couldn't exactly use the tagline they originally wanted to go with: "Crank 2 -- You Want To See Amy Smart Naked, Right?"

What do you think of this tagline -- does it serve its purpose or is it really the worst you've ever seen?
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