'Dial Hard'If you like classic French movies like I like classic French movies -- and get a kick out of modern-day interpretations of same -- then check out the clips below. (Go ahead, I'll wait.) In their original incarnations, neither Curtis Hanson's 8 Mile nor John McTiernan's Die Hard: With a Vengeance scream out "50s!!! 60s!!!" or "France!!!," but, nonetheless, they're the type of clips, courtesy of Buzzfeed, that set the imagination soaring,

Fair warning: the fairly lengthy clips (almost four minutes each) are part of a viral campaign for Stella Artois beer. The marketing message is kept to a minimum. With 8 Kilometres, it's the idea of a rap battle taking place in a beatnik bar between two hepcats with a cool jazz band in the background, filmed in black and white. Instead of a heated war of words, it's more like a rather cordial exchange of philosophies. The lead actor is no Eminem, but who is?

Dial Hard moves the action to a colorful coastal city in 1963, with a perky tune playing in the background. Instead of Bruce Willis as McClane and Jeremy Irons as the evil bomber Simon, we get "Inspector Jean Meglain" playing a game of cat and mouse via telephone with "Simone." In this version, Inspector Meglain has a different set of priorities

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