Let me begin by saying that eventually my friends are no longer going to speak to me about anything movie related, because I inevitably post about it. Sorry, friend -- but thanks for the idea, and I'll buy you a beer the next time we meet.

Months ago, I was talking about the Coen Bros with a guy, and he asked me what I thought of The Big Lebowski. "It's funny," I said. "Why?" I can't remember his exact reply, but it was something along the lines of "All women seem to really hate it / every woman I talk to says its their least favorite."

When I watched it last night his words came back to me, so I tried to watch it from an overly sensitive and critical feminine standpoint, but nothing jumped out as troubling or offensive. Sure, there's some boobs and looking up skirts, but overall it's a movie that I would label "a crowd pleaser." Of course, I have the radical belief that men and women (gasp) largely enjoy the same films. (I should mention that nowhere in our Coen Bros discussion did my friend imply otherwise -- he's not that type of man.)

Just for the heck of it, I googled "women and the Big Lebowski" and found ... nothing. In fact, googling "Big Lebowski sweater pattern" (I'm still trying to find one -- if you've got a pattern, please share it with me) actually turned up a lot of women who were seeking out the sweater for themselves or a loved one. In fact, a lot of women seem to have a very unique relationship with the Dude -- crushing on him while coveting his jelly shoes.

Naturally, I have to put these types of lingering questions to Cinematical readers -- who I fully expect love The Big Lebowski regardless of gender, but I'd like to know if any guy or girl has encountered a gender bias for this film.

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