Another day, another dash of celebrity petulance. By now, you've read about the "strange" interview Billy Bob Thornton gave to a Canadian radio station. But you haven't seen it, and once you do you'll agree that "strange" probably isn't the right word for Thornton's behavior. Many words will come to mind when you see it, but "strange" is probably too polite of one, as is the phrase "under the influence." It reminds me of a surreal, unfunny SNL skit.

The host, Jian Ghomeshi, really deserves praise for remaining cool and professional in the face of such bad behavior and thick tension. It's rather unsettling how Thornton attacks him for asking legitimate questions about music -- which Thornton chooses to answer by discussing Forrest J. Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland before blaming Ghomeshi for a bad introduction.

You also have to feel bad for Thornton's bandmates who are clearly on edge before the interview even begins. They deserve better than a drummer who won't bring his kit to perform and while there's supposedly no such thing as bad publicity, who would want to live this down?

Thornton's publicist currently has no comment, but one would hope he apologizes to Ghomeshi and to his bandmates very soon. That is, unless the whole thing was an act to begin with ...