Jon Hamm

Remember when it was common wisdom that TV stars couldn't cross over and become movie stars? The boundaries between TV and movies have been shattered, with actors freely crossing over between the two mediums. Over the next three weekends, we'll see a host of actors who made their mark in television stepping up to starring roles on the big screen. Tomorrow, fans can support Miley Cirus in Hannah Montana: The Movie, next week Zac Efron will pretend to be 17 Again, and later in the month, the heroic Ali Larter and the wired Idris Elba will tangle in Obsessed.

With that in mind, here are seven TV stars who should be in more movies. Not all of them currently play lead roles, but they all have the capability of dazzling audiences worldwide. For this edition, we're focusing on the gentlemen of the dramatic arts.

1. Jon Hamm

As Don Draper in the superb, eloquent Mad Men, Hamm has been crafty, elegant, and far too sexy when he's puffing on a cancer stick. He also has that rare gift of allowing viewers to peer through his eyes into his soul, which is a scary thing when you consider what Draper has done on the show. Hamm amply demonstrated his comedic ability on the episode of Saturday Night Live that he hosted last year, and again on a recent run of 30 Rock as a gorgeous, clumsy doctor living in a "bubble." He had nothing much to do in the disastrous remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, so he's ripe for some good movies. Drama, comedy, romance ... is there anything he can't do?

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