Our favorite hot-head filmmaker is clearly in a world of his own, and it looks like that's true not only of David O. Russell's films, but also his career path. He struggled to get Nailed finished in the face of increasing money woes, then the economy tanks, and he starts lining up the projects. One person's meltdown is the next's yellow brick road? First there was The Grackle. Then there was The Silver Linings Playbook. And now -- a romcom.

Variety reports that the Huckabees director has signed on to helm a new romantic comedy called Aaron and Sarah for Fox 2000. Surprisingly, this doesn't sound like his usual quirky fare. The feature will focus on a nerdy guy and a popular girl in high school. They meet as freshman, and over the course of "four years of high school, four proms and one funeral, become friends and eventually fall in love." Move over Four Weddings and a Funeral!

But wait, this Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey-penned script isn't new, it's just got a new name. It used to be called B.F.F., which we previously wrote about here and here. You might remember, as that second link explains, that this used to be in the hands of Sydney White and George Lucas in Love helmer Joe Nussbaum. I imagine he left when Fox 2000 picked up the script from Rogue last year.

But Russell doing a teen romcom ... this could be very, very good.
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