While I'm totally in love with this fan creation, upon first discovering it I was definitely let down to learn it wasn't something I could purchase, like, yesterday. It took this Russian guy 18 days to build this WALL-E Case Mod from scratch out of solid metal sheets, paint and a whole lotta talent. Yup, dude's entire computer is housed inside the robot, with the exception of the keyboard, mouse and monitor, of course. But the plugs, on/off switch, CD drive and everything else is all neatly tucked into the body of our cute, robotic friend.

The only problem with something like this is you'd probably want to keep it on your desk (as seen in the image above) so you can play around with it and show it off to your friends -- but you'll need a pretty solid desk since that puppy is all metal and most desktop computers are pretty heavy to begin with. Screw it, though, I'd find a way to make it work -- there's just something about this little toy that gives me an instant film-nerd-gasm . Check out a few of the "making of" images below, then head over here to witness every single little step that went into making this fantastic piece of gotta-have-it-right-now.

(Note to Disney: Please make one of these. Thanks.)

[via TheAwesomer]
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