Look, I'm all for being a hardcore fan of a particular piece of entertainment. Growing up I had G.I. Joe action figures and really enjoyed the Star Wars movies, but one thing I never did was attempt to slit the throat of someone who wasn't as keen on Luke Skywalker as I was. But we didn't have internet back in those days, and perhaps that's part of what's created this new breed of fandom -- this obsessive, violent behavior between kids who like love Twilight and kids who don't.

Apparently there's a war brewing across the country between Twihards (folks who live, breathe, eat and sh*t Twilight for a living) and Antis (those who don't like Twilight and, instead of minding their own business, decide to instigate fans by crapping on the book and the movies). You may think it's sorta cute that these kids are all worked up over fictitious vampires and what have you, but The Twihard Attack Directory would lead you to believe otherwise. Yup, there's an actual directory that chronicles violent Twilight-related attacks, ranging from Slap on the Wrist (punched, smacked, wished miscarriage) to Felony (brick thrown at head, attempted drowning, beat with a bat).

Some of these "attack stories" do sound pretty lame and made up, but others seem like they could be real. Are there seriously gangs of Twilight fans out there who would go to great, painful lengths to protect the brand? And if so, what's going to happen when the next two films come out? New Moon will certainly make a Comic Con appearance this summer -- should the San Diego police be called in to make sure things go according to plan?

Have any of you witnessed or heard of violent Twilight-related activity between fans and non-fans? Is this being blown out of proportion, or should we expect a 60 Minutes story to pop up next month?

[via Geekologie]
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