Nothing says the Coen Bros like cross-stitch -- and not just because of that famous Fargo poster. I'm not surprised their retro stylings have inspired fans to pay homage by picking up the needle, and engaging in some antique art forms.

The above was actually found by Scott Weinberg, who sent it to me when I pitched yesterday's Big Lebowski discussion to him. It comes by way of Flickr and was made by a very talented individual known only to us as "Gillyweed25." She created it using an antique French cross stitch pattern ... and I admire how the flowers not only tie into the design, but also censor it for sensitive viewers. It's so retro and calm, and would really tie a room together.

And speaking of that homely Fargo poster, it too has been recreated by a blogger named Spazzmanda, who had her creation featured on Craftzine. It's spot on, right down to the border.

I haven't come across anything from Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, or O Brother Where Art Thou yet. So maybe I'll practice my own needlework skills by stitching "I must have been an antelope or an ibex" onto a pillow.

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