Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that totally knocks years off your age. Last week we brought out the big water-balloon guns for a snazzy photo from Adventureland, in theaters now. Kristen Wiig's big stuffed banana was just ripe (no pun intended) for jokes, and you folks definitely did not disappoint. Congrats to our three winners, all of whom peeled back the hard exterior and chomped down on some soft, squishy hilarity.

1. "This is an example, but actual results may vary." -- Winston S.

2. "Look, I wrote "pirate bandanna" on the purchase order. You're the one who phoned it in--this is YOUR fault." -- Kurt P.

3. "She thought maybe she had worked at the toy factory too long. Especially since no one else seemed to be hearing the pirate voices." -- Chaz K.

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This week we're catching up with Zac Efron to see exactly what it's like to be 17 Again. In the new film -- which is sort of a reversal of Tom Hanks' Big, Matthew Perry plays a guy who magically turns into his 17-year-old self (played by Efron) and must find a way to navigate his way through a world he truly doesn't understand. The three folks behind our favorite captions this week will walk away with one 17 Again soundtrack, one 17 Again 32 oz. Aluminum Sport Bottle, one 17 Again baseball cap, one 17 Again ladies' tank top, one bracelet with whistle and charm, one lip balm, and one glitter tattoo. C'mon fellas, you know you want that glitter tattoo -- sound off below!

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