$300 million seems to be the new blockbuster catch-phrase. First it pops up in a typo in Time magazine last month, and now it's getting slapped on another science fiction fest. In fact, this little bit of news popped up long ago -- and by popped up, I mean hidden deep within a long article that no one seemed to notice.

The middle of an article from the Vancouver Sun contains this ditty: "Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish." If Avatar's big price tag was a typo, I can only assume this is as well. It's the only thing that makes sense!

Now I have a soft spot for Tron. I remember, pretty vividly, seeing it at my local drive-in when it came out. But really -- do you think a Tron sequel will bring in the big bucks to pay off that big price tag and then continue to make lots of money? It has a following, but I doubt it's a $300 million + + + following, or that this feature will easily lure in the masses to make it a project that can soar well beyond the biggest price tag ever. C'mon, the biggest name in the flick so far is Jeff Bridges!

It's great for those effects artists that need work, but if this news bit is true it seems awfully over-indulgent to me. What do you think?

[via Film Drunk]
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