My Favorite Year... To me, this is the film that epitomizes innocent young love, awakening, and adult enjoyment. By this I mean that the Peter O'Toole-starring film was one I saw often as a child, and loved -- my grandmother and I putting the vhs or laser disc in and delighting in the manic world of Alan Swann, with added helpings of Mark Linn-Baker and Joe Bologna -- two of the best dudes from the '80s.

Back then, I loved the things a kid would love -- the big wow moments, especially Swann swinging through the air for his big finale. Then I got a little older, and I paid more attention all of those adult nuances and raunchy Swann that came to the forefront, gaining an added understanding and appreciation of my grandmother and her love of a man who delivered the bathroom line below. Such class!

But since the attached scene is so very brief, you can hit the jump and watch the great finale -- Swann flying through the air and getting that hard-to-reach moment to shine. In a voice-over, Linn-Baker says: "This is the way I like to remember him," and that has always been it for me and O'Toole. He's an amazing actor, who has appeared in everything from the highest of critical achievements to the dregs of cinema, but he never shines brighter than the moments when he gets to unleash his devilish charm.